The ShoMe Statesmen Leadership

The ShoMe Statesmen thrives in part because of the commitment of the people in leadership. Here are a few of the people that make our ensemble tick:




President - Payton Jackson

Payton is the current serving President of the ShoMe Statesmen organization. He also sings reel purty.





Secretary - Don Shawley

Don Shawley is in charge of recording our vital records. He's a great Bass, and he always get 'er done!.



Music Team

Jay Bartlett

Jay is a frequent and valuable contributor to the ShoMe Statesmen; in addition to serving as a notable Bass, he has also arranged several of his own compositions, to the delight of all.


Michael Hillenburg

Michael has been a member of the group for many years, and remains a fundamental part of the core group. As a Bari he saings "all the notes the others don't want", but he does it with pride! He is currently serving as the VP Membership @ Chapter Development


Todd Keeley

Todd is currently to VP of Music, and a better person never there was for such a role. A consummate Tenor and one of the longest-serving memebrs of the group, Todd is always there, and always fair!


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